Our hoses all over the world


Simplicity is the key to success. That is why we work hard each day to keep things simple and ensure that orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible but always to the highest quality.


Industrial hoses made to measure

At KLEIN, we also manufacture custom industrial rubber hoses. To adapt to the customer’s needs, we can even adjust a section of our manufacturing rooms or processes. We will study all your needs and propose solutions.


A large hydrocarbon company needed a 38 mm diameter hose in lengths of more than 100 metres. These two parameters far exceeded those of any hoses we had been making in our facilities. We had to make changes to go up from our 40 metres and 25 mm diameter measurements to those needed by the customer, which were more than twice the length and considerably larger in diameter.

In short, we adapt to the customer so that the customer does not have to adapt to our hoses.

  • We modified the production line to accommodate these new, larger hoses.
  • We modified the extruders to adapt to the new flow rates required.
  • We developed new rubber mixtures that would allow for their extrusion without collapsing during the manufacturing process.
  • We searched for new textile reinforcement materials that would allow the hoses to be manufactured with the existing systems and without the need to duplicate layers. This allowed us to achieve a reasonably cost-effective product for the customer.
  • We changed the hose winding format due to the large volume. We changed from a coreless reel format to a wooden reel format for ease of use.