About Klein

Over 100 years in business activity

KLEIN was founded in 1908. It began life by manufacturing tyres for different vehicles, but since 1992 has specialised in the manufacture of industrial hoses, resulting in it offering very high quality levels. This is the result of a perfect combination of factors, one of which is KLEIN’s extensive knowledge of the raw materials used to manufacture its hoses which it has gained over many years. Another key factor behind the quality of our products is our extensive experience, gained from over 30 years of manufacturing high quality, high performance hoses. This experience means that as a manufacturing company we can perfect the condition and performance of our products.

Having our own R&D department is also essential in adding excellence to the products we manufacture. Our designs and technology allow us to create new hoses that are more resistant, flexible, long-lasting and adapted to the demands of the different working and usage conditions. Moreover, our hoses are used all over the world which means that we are in contact with a huge number of professionals and, in addition, we can gain access to facilities and conditions that allow us to improve every day.


Our factory is located in Segovia, in the heart of Spain, less than 100km from Madrid. Our infrastructures allow us to be in direct, fast and efficient contact with our customers all over the world.


KLEIN believes it is important to grow every day, reinforce quality, increase services and be able to meet new demands. That is why we are always active and implementing new manufacturing lines in order to be bigger yet more flexible at the same time.