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KLEIN, SA activity is the manufacture of rubber hoses with and without reinforcement for low and medium pressure, with diameters from 4 mm. up to 400 mm., locating its main uses in industry, construction, transport and mining.

Established in 1992, Klein's roots date back to 1916, inital date for the activity of the original company engaged in the manufacture of rubber products. Currently located in Valverde del Majano, Segovia, Spain, KLEIN, SA performs its work in an industrial area of 42,000 m2 of which 13,000 m2 are covered.

Klein’s products are manufactured using the latest manufacturing techniques, from the rubber mixing lines to extrusion and rigid mandrel production lines. This integration allows providing the right product for each application, either as per Klein specifications, or according to those required by the customer.

Klein SA has its own R & D department with the ongoing objective to develop and update products, ensuring their quality. UNE EN ISO 9001 is available since 1997.

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Pol. Industrial Nicomedes García
40.140 Valverde del Majano. Segovia. España
Tlf.: (+34) 921 420 400
Fax: (+34) 921 437 512





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